MUTI Provides the following services: Graphic Design, Multimedia, Interactive Media (Websites), Advertising (Social Marketing), Animation, Illustration and Sound Design. MUTI is formed by a team of people who are driven by perfection, innovation, diligence and service delivery. MUTI’s future plans are to create an “Creatives Incubator” where ideas: are generated; can exist and one day see the light of day. There are five permanent staff members currently employed by MUTI. MUTI has strategic business partners and has formed a co-operative with other design studio, animation studios, and marketing houses to address the issue of capacity.

S E R V I N G  Y O U  B E T T E R  a n d  B E T T E R

In our endless quest to help you improve your competitiveness, we have adopted the principles of Kaizen: the Japanese philosophy and practice that focuses on continuous improvement and growth. In addition to improving productivity, working efficiently shortens the time it takes to get your marketing messages to consumers. Provided that it is the right message, efficiency reduces costs and enhances your competitive edge; ultimately raising your bottom line.